Day #3


It’s the one thing that when all else is stripped away, I still believe. And I know it comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. I’ve witnessed the beautiful, the magical and the absurd. And love has found its way to me… it came unexpected and surprised this broken heart.

But that has been some time ago and as I walk hand-in-hand with my Love today, I ask him: “Well it’s almost Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?” He looks at me sideways and grins, “Well, you, of course.” And I know he’s teasing but I also know he is speaking complete truth because he tells me every day in a thousand different ways. He loves so hard and thoroughly and playfully. I never go one day without laughing, smiling, blushing, and feeling certain my heart will burst with joy.

Seriously, everyday.

We continue walking and I push a little harder (because it’s what I do),”Why are you thankful for me?” He walked in silence hand still tight on mine. “Because I can just be me with you.” And isn’t that all we really ever want?  I feel inexplicable happiness with this statement because it means I am his soft-and-safe place. To be silly or to cry or to be angry about the cards that have been dealt… it doesn’t matter because he knows I have the empathy and the courage to stare all of him in the face and just love.

And love is all I know for certain, so it’s what I choose… every time.

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Rachel Olienyk

I'm mother, wife, and worker but most important human. I have accepted a challenge to "take a walk" everyday for one year. My goal is in giving space to mindfulness I will create intentional living. I've decided to share my journey through blogging. Be it peace, be it inspiration, be it annoyance, I hope you feel as you read and in feeling may growth transpire. Namaste my gentle readers...