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Day #86: Blanket Tents

It’s Valentine’s Day Eve and we have the little love this weekend so we decided after her party at school to hit the road. Mr. Meandering had to get his new shoes at the running store in Fayetteville, so we decided to eat there. We found a pizza place on Dickson Street that actually has gluten free crust. It was amazing!

It’s rare that it’s just the three of us together relaxing. Most of the time we are either all busy at home or other people are around or she’s with her dad for the weekend. It felt nice to just enjoy one another and have dinner together. It was fun to listen to her stories, to watch her face light up, to hear him interact with her.

We got home and she asked to build a tent to sleep in for the night. While doing so, I realized the difficulty with fun for me as an adult. As I built the tent, all I could think about was having to clean it up the next day. I often do this kind of thinking… feeling guilty about everything I need to get done if I try to relax… forgetting to enjoy the moment because the laundry is piling up or dishes fill the sink. I think there is an element to this that is good and helpful in running a home, a career, a life. But on the flip side, it gets tiring… the to-do lists, the endless tasks that require more than I want to give, the time that slips away in the mundane, causing me to lose sight of my extraordinary life and all the lovely people in it.

So yes, I built the tent and she slept in it last night and was so excited that she was yelling, “I’m the luckiest girl ever… you’re the best mommy!!” And yes, I cleaned up the tent today with her help and it took about five minutes. So an extra five minutes to be remembered at that moment in time as the best mom ever… so totally worth it.

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