Meet Craig

A picture of CraigMr. Meander, Craig, what-have-you. Call me “hey you” if you want. Words are words, and names… names. A title only has as much significance as others will ascribe to it, and me, well, I’m just me. I’ve spent the last few years trying to learn how to be the best “me” that I can be, and most days, I get pretty close.

I’m a husband, builder-of-things, gardener, step-parent, Master of my dog pack, nature enthusiast, traveler, website builder/manager, knowledge zealot, and a fixer of a multitude of miscellaneous items that succumb to that darned ol’ universal “entropy.” Sometimes, this includes people, too. Well, maybe I don’t “fix” people, but I help them when things go awry.

The Mrs. will be taking you through 365 days of mindful walking, and me, well I’ll contribute when I feel like I have something worth saying. You can take a peek at my Twitter as well. That’s where I try to give you a little inspiration for your day. This brain of mine never stops, after all.

Happy readings, my thoughtful friends.

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