Day #96: Life, Wear it Out!

It’s like the universe loved my praise of the snow so much last month that it decided to do a repeat performance. And it was spectacular! It snowed for a few hours in the morning but I was at work so I didn’t see much of that. However, about 1:30 we got the call that school was dismissing early at 2:15. I was a little confused because at that point the snow had stopped, not realizing another round of snow was on its way.
A bearded man in a black coat sitting with a blonde child looking at a map of the world.
This time we were at home when it started, and every time I came near to a window I felt drawn to watch. I love snow so much… it’s pure whiteness, it’s delicious delicacy, and it’s soothing. dampening power. It’s like it takes this big messed up world and it makes it new again. Cleanses its energy. Gives us all a redo. At least that’s what I imagine as I stare out the window lost in the mesmerizing fall of all the “befores”… all the rewinds we had requested… all the “if I had only knowns” whispering from the yard. It’s like a blinding promise that there is always a second chance.


“I’ll take that chance,” I whisper to the knowing in the snow, “I’ll take that chance and this time I will dance in it. I won’t treat it like its fragile, I’ll wear it out, and love again, live again, be again.” Because what’s the point otherwise?

Blonde girl smiling with a pink cat stuffed animal.

Day #54

I ran 3 miles and I dreamed.

I dreamed of skiing down the mountain. I dreamed of wind in my hair. I felt the cold on my cheeks and the tightness of the boots on my feet. I moved back and forth across the mountain in my mind, eyes full of trees and snow and beauty all around. Today, I flew as I skimmed down a mountain to the vast openness of adventure.

It made the run worth it … the dreaming.

Sometimes I get frustrated with my self for being such a dreamer. It makes staying content in the present difficult at times. But let’s be honest, sometimes the present sucks.

My ability to dream keeps me optimistic. Gives me hope in life, joy in mundane. It also helps me to see outside the box of now. Gives me creativity license to freehand my life and often times my life follows. So as silly as it seems in my head at times … it has been my salvation on more than one occasion …

…like running three miles on a treadmill.