Day #93: Being Fully Human is a Little Terrifying

We went to a movie tonight. It was an action packed, classic good guy vs bad guy kind of flick. I’ve always loved this type of movie… it appeals to my heart. Everything is so cut and dry, black and white… sure of itself. The good guys always manage to outwit, out fight, and eventually conquer the bad guys…

If only life were so simple.

As I ran today, I thought about this very concept. How does one define a “good” run? In lack of pain? In minutes per mile? In perfect form? I just don’t know

And I think good and bad lie somewhere in that thought as well… we are capable of unhealthy decisions, hurtful words, physical aggression given the right circumstances… and we all rise to the challenge in other moments with a helping hand, a simple encouragement, the beauty of forgiveness undeserved…

The older I get the more I realize the impossibility of perfection, of the dazzling superhero and the absence of the obvious villain…

We are all fully human and that biological break down can take us to really ugly places, only to be redeemed by a breathtaking reminder of becoming all we hoped we could be. And while its messier, more uncertain, and definitely a hell of a lot scarier knowing you possess both the qualities of the villain and the hero… it also makes life a whole lot more vibrant… the journey more satisfying… the transformation more powerful.

For whatever you do, gentle reader, choose well.

Day #53

It was a cold, wet, dreary day around here. We decided to go to the gym again instead of trying to walk in the ice rain.

I am SORE today after yesterday’s run. But it’s a good sore, a just sore enough. I jumped on the elliptical today to switch it up a little because we are suppose to run 3 miles tomorrow. My body is sore but my mind is sharp and my energy is good. Reminds me why I love working out … although the thought of it exhausts me every time!

After the workout, I walked around the track a few times to cool down. My face was red, my bangs slick with sweat, my heart beat pronounced. But I felt light, and good chemicals were pumping.

It reminded me that we all have choices to make but nothing to control in this life.

A fruit smoothie in a little mermaid cup with a candy-striped straw and a cookie jar in the background.