Day #72

My Love and I have a “game” we play. It’s called “Remember that time…

We’ll think of fun time, silly time, or really big time…

“Remember that time we went to Kansas City for your birthday and got tattoos?”

“Remember that time we went to New York for Christmas and it snowed while we watched the light show?”

“Remember that time we went to Yellowstone and hiked all day so then we got tipsy off one glass of wine?”

Remember that time… it’s a favorite of mine…

In my efforts to live presently I most often berate myself for living too much in the future. As I’ve mentioned before, my Love and I are dreamers and always planning our next move in life. But this game as helped me see I live in the past, at times, too…

And I’m beginning to wonder…

If the balance isn’t the place in-between. Where intentional daily living produces a life you love so much you don’t mind reliving it in memory. That my today is a beautiful yesterday leading me to my brightest tomorrows.

Today we cross-trained, Wednesday we rested, tomorrow we run. It is what must happen to create the race experience we desire. Maybe the same is true in life… maybe we have to dabble in yesterday to create today in order to embrace tomorrow

…maybe the balance is there in that in-between.

A blonde girl with a blue bow peering of into the distance while her food sits in front of her.
Waiting anxiously for the first sight of the best friend.

Day #18

“Sometimes I can feel my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.”
—Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

A cloud-speckled sunset over dormant trees, with a path to the left, leading off into the horizon.
We walk along and “shoot the breeze” and hold hands and just be…

The inevitable comes up… the future… our plans… what to do… who to be… finances… stability vs. dreams… confusion, angst, uncertainty…

We are dreamers! he and I… and I adore it about us. We go on long treks across the U.S. in an RV. We travel to Ireland at Christmas and China, just because. We own land and have a small hobby farm. We have successful online careers that allow us to come and go as we please… In our dreams

Some days it’s a burden on my bones. Because I talk of all the things we could do, should do, would do–and I become so discontent with where we are NOW.

I shake my head a little and we keep walking. I notice a cat and a sunset and a warm hand wrapped around mine. And for now, it is simply enough… until we dream again…A tabby cat looking mischieviously up from the bottom of a concrete drainage ditch in dusk lighting.

Day #16

Progress is sometimes hard to see, hard to know. It’s like the colors at dusk changing– subtle but constant.

An image of a path lying before dormant trees in the last lingering light of the day. At times, it peaks in glory and color and we see the culmination of all the work and planning.

Sometimes it shifts slow and steady, one step melting into another until we’re there.
The path never stays straight or short as we trod to that next hope. It’s curvy, it’s rocky, and it’s exactly the right way, every time. And hopefully, we get the opportunity to share it with someone we love… this journey toward progress.

I just walked and talked today with my Love. We dreamed future dreams. Discussed bold decisions vs. reckless actions. Held hands and laughed. A mile and a half later my heart knew progress toward hopes yet unrealized.

Talk about your dreams my dear readers, for in speaking you find courage to create the life you love.