Day #107: The Time You Enjoy Wasting, Is Not Wasted Time

Friday… that is such an amazing word… it always fills my heart with the joy of freedom and the hope of sleeping in!

And after an intense few days of caring for the mostly-better little love, it was a slight relief to drop her at her father’s house. They had extra-special things planned this weekend so I knew she would be happy and exhausted come Sunday when she came home.

My Love and I went to the gym and ran our five miles, we took a dip in the therapy pool (warm temps feel amazing on sore muscles), we went to dinner with his parents, we came home and snuggled and read and just relaxed. It was nothing and it was amazing all rolled into one…

As we were talking to his parents about future plans… at one point his mom quietly stated, “Don’t wait till retirement to do what you love.” And I realized, while there are, of course, goals and experiences we long for, these lazy nights are perfect. Holding hands, his scent in my nose, good conversations, tangled up as we read… no matter where life takes us… us is enough… and that is both rare and amazing.

Day #20

Today is Friday. This is the most profound thing I will say this post.

The weather was yucky again so I decided to hit the treadmill at the gym. Not my favorite, but desperate times and all…

I have a confession about the treadmill though. Secretly, I love it. I love setting the speed and knowing exactly how fast I’m going, how many calories burned, how many miles gone. I love the fan in my face. I love not having to watch where I am going. And my favorite… sticking the buds in my ears, cranking up the music, and zoning OUT!

In my head, I am grooving, singing, jamming out. On the outside, I am a respectable adult human.

I don’t think deep thoughts. I don’t worry. I don’t even plan my next move. I just breathe, sing at the top of brain, and smile. Sometimes–zoning out, taking a break, setting a pause–is the best thing you can do. Sometimes–thinking it through, feeling it deeply, talking it out–is not an option. And sometimes, you just need to have a liberating dance or cry or whatever sets you free… today I danced on a treadmill.

It’s a good day my fellow travelers..A POV image looking down at brightly-colored shoes walking on a treadmill.