Day #118: St. Patty’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s Day

All this really means to me is that I should wear green so I don’t get pinched.

But I am a celebrator by nature. Any reason to embrace a day as special, to mark it with joy and set apart as fun. I love fun

Potato salad with paprika and a Reuben sandwich in the background.So we wore green and ate Reubens for lunch and cupcakes with green sprinkles. And I felt lucky today. Lucky to spend the day with my Love, lucky to enjoy the sun and beautiful day, lucky to be alive and in these moments.

So maybe it takes an obscure holiday to remind me that enjoying the “luck of the Irish” is really just appreciating the luck of being human.

I cross trained today and thought about my body. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I have been impressed with how far it has taken me. I have been happy to see it trimming up and getting stronger. But I still look in the mirror and finding glaring imperfection. And damn, that’s hard on a perfectionist. But it is what’s makes me superbly human, it’s what makes space for my grand adventures. It runs me miles, and grew a little human, and attracts my Love. And it is mine

St. Patty's Day cupcakes.

This led me to the next thought of why we put so much emphasis on our physical appearance. Almost every person I know is stressed to one degree or another about how they look. It’s weird to me that we put so much stock in something that tells us so little about the quality of a person. Something to think on, my lovelies.

But body aside, I am one lucky girl and I love taking this day and everyday to remember that and then celebrate it!

Day #76: Time, Changes, and New Perceptions

We ran our 3.75 miles today outside because the weather was in our favor. The sun was out and the wind felt good the more sweat-soaked I became. As I ran, I thought about how when we first started running, our goal was a 5K… 3.10 miles… and it felt like SO much. Now we are cranking out 3 miles all the time but they seem so small compared to the 13.1 half-marathon we plan to run in May. It’s funny how time changes perspective…

I thought of this again as I sat cuddling my girl before bed. Tomorrow she will go to her dad’s house because I have class and then we are taking a weekend trip to go skiing. Five days without her voice, her humor, her literal brain, and her beautiful smile. It makes me sad now, but by six years old, we understand we can live without each other for a week. When she was a baby, it would have devastated us both… it’s such a trick that time plays with us…

But still, I sat there soaking in the cuddles and thinking about what six more years might do to our perceptions of who we are as individuals and as mother/daughter. Who knows really? But for today with tears threatening to spill at the thought of who we have been and who we will be, I squeeze every ounce of joy out of who we are today.

Mand women smiling wide, soaked in sweat and flush from running.