Day #105: Stay in the Moment, It May Be Magical

Snow happened again today and as surprising as that is on March 4th, it was beautiful. In the midst of watching the world glow white again, I was offered an opportunity that brought such hope to my heart. And I thought, “This moment couldn’t be more perfect.”

And it made me think about moments… how the same things can happen, words spoken, routine done… but every once in a while it’s like a moment get injected with magic… it comes alive… it breathes life. And it’s impossible to know when it might occur that way and even if you try to recreate that moment later… you may never feel that sparkle of energy in it again. For instance, Saturday I ran five miles on the track at the gym. About mile four, I suddenly got chills, my legs felt light, the right song came on, and I soared through the mile… smiling and almost giggling to myself. Tuesday, I ran five miles on the track at the gym. I survived it.

I say words to my Love all the time, sweet words, encouraging words, loving words. But the other morning, I rolled over, snuggled up and whispered. “I love this man.” He groaned under the weight of the moment. The magic of being at peace in a moment–settled into each other.

So there, gentle readers, another reason to stay in the moment because you never know when the magic will appear.

Day #96: Life, Wear it Out!

It’s like the universe loved my praise of the snow so much last month that it decided to do a repeat performance. And it was spectacular! It snowed for a few hours in the morning but I was at work so I didn’t see much of that. However, about 1:30 we got the call that school was dismissing early at 2:15. I was a little confused because at that point the snow had stopped, not realizing another round of snow was on its way.
A bearded man in a black coat sitting with a blonde child looking at a map of the world.
This time we were at home when it started, and every time I came near to a window I felt drawn to watch. I love snow so much… it’s pure whiteness, it’s delicious delicacy, and it’s soothing. dampening power. It’s like it takes this big messed up world and it makes it new again. Cleanses its energy. Gives us all a redo. At least that’s what I imagine as I stare out the window lost in the mesmerizing fall of all the “befores”… all the rewinds we had requested… all the “if I had only knowns” whispering from the yard. It’s like a blinding promise that there is always a second chance.


“I’ll take that chance,” I whisper to the knowing in the snow, “I’ll take that chance and this time I will dance in it. I won’t treat it like its fragile, I’ll wear it out, and love again, live again, be again.” Because what’s the point otherwise?

Blonde girl smiling with a pink cat stuffed animal.

Day #89: Watching the Snow Dust the World

Snow day! Probably the only one we will get this year. It was pretty unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed!

I lounged around, read, stayed in PJs, drank my hot tea, slowly. I lay in my bed propped up staring out the window watching the snow dust the world with beauty. I read lovely words that nourished my soul. I enjoyed the softness of my sheets and comfy PJs. I breathed in the joy of minutes undefined and agendas taken apart.

Little love occupied herself playing and my Love made breakfast and did some work on the computer. It was a quiet, gentle morning… and for me that is a rarity for mornings. Brunette woman giving the thumbs up.

We went to lunch and then little love got to go with a friend to a movie. We went to the gym and I actually completed a five mile run without stopping to walk. Also, unexpected and exciting! It was one of my best runs yet! A brunette child with head phones sitting in a zebra-striped chair.

Mr Meander shared today… I love to read his voice… his thoughts… I fell for his words first and I love every opportunity to read them again. I was not expecting his post and it was a sweet surprise. Don’t forget to read it, too!

I love unexpected gifts and today was definitely that… I am thankful to the universe for weather that can stop hectic Mondays in their tracks giving us one last luxurious taste of the weekend.

Blonde child looking at a phone in her lap.

Day #79: Skiing, Flying, and the Freedom of Being

I wish I knew how to describe the feeling of skiing. It’s one of my favorites in the world. And we picked a beautiful day to do so in the gorgeous Santa Fe…

We did the smaller lift first to get our feet under us since its been about a year since our last ski experience…

I felt like my face would break from the grin plastered there. It’s the smooth motion of my body in-tune with the ground. The connection of energy as I glide back and forth over this mountain. It’s the contrast of the dark trees and the glistening white everywhere. It’s the warmth of the sun and the cool of the wind. It’s the speed of flying and the power of control. It’s the plunge of going over the side and the views of literally feeling like you are king (or queen) of the world.

And then it’s so much more…

I wish I was so much more precise and articulate… I wish I knew how to metaphorically strap you to a pair of skis and take you down the mountain…

But since I’m not I guess you will have to do it yourself…

Driving down a steep grade with snow on one side and dry brush on the other.
Ascending the mountain at Ski Santa Fe.
Two shiny forks picking at German chocolate cake.
Battling over the last bits of gluten-free, German chocolate cake.