Day 131: Mini-mini-vaca

Spring is here!
Most awesome dessert ever!
Only done right around a campfire!
Ready for their gooey goodness!
Even little love loves them!
Spring is my favorite!

Blonde girl grinning with a half-eaten Smore on the plate.
An unexpected dinner with Craig’s sister around the camp fire was an amazing way to spend the evening. Everything is blooming, the sun is hanging around longer, and the river was so peaceful. We played frisbee and colored with chalk. We visited and ate outside close to the fire. It was like a mini-mini-vaca…I just felt alive and thankful to be there.

The sun peeking through a Bradford Pear tree.

Day 112: Feeling at Home in a Fleeting Moment

After another day of cross training while my little love was at play practice, we came home to BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries. It was a beautiful day… the first truly spring-like day this year. While eating outside at our little table on the porch, I thought of all the meals we have eaten out there in spring and summer the last couple of years. Some with a glass of wine, some with little bit pretending to be a horse, some with the company of friends, but always with contentment in my heart. That feeling of “this is right, this is home.”

Then little love asks to go for a walk so she can ride her scooter. So off we go and again, I reflect on this time last year and how she could barely operate the scooter last summer.

But some things do change with time. As I watched her charge down the road, half a block ahead of me the whole time, I thought about the saying regarding motherhood that the day’s seem to stand still but the years fly by. Here we are… another year… another spring… another moment to love.

Blonde girl with pink shirt and black pants riding her scooter off into the distance.

Day #102: The Hint of Spring

Today is the first of March and while there is still snow and ice melting away everywhere… it seems the promise of something new.


March is a fascinating month as one observes the transition from winter to spring. It starts cold and laden with heaviness from months of hibernation. Slowly, the sun brightens the days again. The promise of warmth hides in the breeze. And the beautiful green-of-life starts to peak it’s way out of hardened ground and stoic trees. Animals that have hidden from the frost begin to busily prepare for families and plenty again. And everywhere the earth seems to sing its song of renewal.


Here we are… day one… and its hard to see the end from the still-frozen beginning but I know that it’s there and it warms me. I look forward to dancing in the progression of season with all that’s living around me. I think of the promise of tulips and bunnies, gardens and hikes, and I radiate.


These contemplations left me hopeful and energized as I ran today. I became the personification of these changing seasons. I started slow and stiff. As I warmed up to the run, I felt my pace pick up, my muscles loosen, my spring in step. I finished my five miles easily, happily, and so grateful today. Yes, the promise of something new…

Black and white image of man and woman smiling in hats and running shirts.