Day #132: Sometimes You Run Outta Gas

My body is so tired and I am tired of being tired…

It’s been a marathon kinda day…worked twelve hours and most of it involved talking…I am out of words, out of internal resources…even out of pictures…

I’m getting ready, once my little love is snug as a bug in a rug, to cuddle in my warm bed with my soft pjs. Good book in hand, hot tea in the other, I will salvage what little personal time is left in this day and then I plan to pass out…

Good night, my gentle readers

Day #117: Obey the Run-Master

Today I feel like a slave to the run-master. I feel my life revolves around miles and workouts, gym clothes and hydration. I feel like I spend every day looking for GUs, headphones, hats, and clean socks. I feel hungry all the time, tired most of the time, and sore all the times in between. I feel like I am constantly reading about running, talking about running, or, you guessed it, running.

This is not entirely a bad thing. While I sometimes get overwhelmed with the technicalities of it, sometimes bored with the repetition of it, and occasionally frustrated with the difficulty of it. I always feel proud and strong and clear-headed after a good run. I sometimes feel like I’ve got the art of running down and occasionally I enjoy the runners’ high. But mostly, I run because my body impresses me, my mind is silenced for a little while, and my heart is always engaged while I run. Running forces all of me to be present and I love it so much for that quality alone.

So here’s to the seven miles today and all the miles to come. May they be easy, may they be hard, but may they always be with every piece of me.

Red handled spoon in oat cereal.
Late night carb snack.