A rose made out of ruby red playdough.

Day #48

Stolen moments…

Even just the sound of the them makes me lick my lips in anticipation.
It’s those silly, romantic, or deeply personal moments that make the day.
The space between the ordinary.
Where Love dances to music while I cook breakfast.
Where I get to sit in his lap and get ️snuggles before my next appointment.
Where I sneak away for a tea and some chocolate mid-afternoon.
Where I take a walk around a park next door to a school I work at, before heading back to the office.
As I walk, I think, “These are the moments I build alters on, this is my sacred.”

And the ducks and the sun and the trees seem to whisper their agreement.

Close up image of manga salsa, beef lettuce wraps.
Mango salsa beef wrap for lunch.

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Rachel Olienyk

I'm mother, wife, and worker but most important human. I have accepted a challenge to "take a walk" everyday for one year. My goal is in giving space to mindfulness I will create intentional living. I've decided to share my journey through blogging. Be it peace, be it inspiration, be it annoyance, I hope you feel as you read and in feeling may growth transpire. Namaste my gentle readers...