Chocolate milk in a polka dot cup, with a candy-striped straw.

Day #53

It was a cold, wet, dreary day around here. We decided to go to the gym again instead of trying to walk in the ice rain.

I am SORE today after yesterday’s run. But it’s a good sore, a just sore enough. I jumped on the elliptical today to switch it up a little because we are suppose to run 3 miles tomorrow. My body is sore but my mind is sharp and my energy is good. Reminds me why I love working out … although the thought of it exhausts me every time!

After the workout, I walked around the track a few times to cool down. My face was red, my bangs slick with sweat, my heart beat pronounced. But I felt light, and good chemicals were pumping.

It reminded me that we all have choices to make but nothing to control in this life.

A fruit smoothie in a little mermaid cup with a candy-striped straw and a cookie jar in the background.

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Rachel Olienyk

I'm mother, wife, and worker but most important human. I have accepted a challenge to "take a walk" everyday for one year. My goal is in giving space to mindfulness I will create intentional living. I've decided to share my journey through blogging. Be it peace, be it inspiration, be it annoyance, I hope you feel as you read and in feeling may growth transpire. Namaste my gentle readers...