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Day #64

Today we cross trained on the stair stepper. I went for fifteen minutes. The longest I have done that machine yet. Then I worked on arms with the heaviest weight I have done yet. Progress sings to the soul

We picked up Adalie from dance and did our usual Chick-fil-a quick dinner thing. Adalie chose to sit by Craig instead of me. She rough housed with him, she picked on him, she leaned into him throughout dinner.

My daughter is not one who attaches easily and her attachment to me is strong. So although Craig has been in her life as caregiver for about 2 1/2 years now, it has been an extremely slow process of her warming up to him … especially if I am around.

It was beautiful to get such a concrete and up-close view of progress. I watched her guard come down, her vulnerability show, her need to connect, however clumsily, come out. And I watched him effortlessly meet those needs, answer her unspoken questions, and just be present with her.

I sighed with relief and love.

So if you are working to meld families, gentle readers, take your time, be in tune, and just breathe

Progress is always right around the corner … as long as you don’t quit trying …

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