It’s Brave to Be Seen

It is nothing short of an act of bravery to allow yourself to be seen by another.  Whether it is a friendly-confidant, a significant other, or a professional counselor.  Allowing yourself to be at that place where you admit to another human being that “things could be going better”.

We don’t get to that place overnight.  It’s not an Amazon-style, two day jaunt into the clutches of psychological disaster. No, these things take time to develop.  These things take layers of stress, internalization, and pinpricks to our sense of self to get to the point where they emerge into conscious awareness.  Often we won’t be the first to notice how dramatically our life is being affected.  Sometimes it takes that other to give us a nudge toward seeking to be seen, or heard.

Sometimes, all it takes is that unexpected phone call, or that random insensitive text to push our brains past the point of coping, and into the state of self-protection.  Unfortunately, self-protection is often demeaning and unsightly.  It is at this point of self-protective, and often self-destructive behavior and thought patterns that people seek some kind of help.  Help is good.  Help is important.

Seeking help is nothing short of an act of bravery and psychological fortitude.  Need help?  Get help.  It’s not weak.