Day #97: Weird Day

School was out today due to the snow but it warmed up quickly so the snow didn’t stay for long. The theme of my day was flexibility.

I wasn’t planning to take off work today but with little love out of school I really had no choice. So we spent the morning getting laundry finished, house work done, and of course, a little coloring was in order.

Little love then had a play date with her favorite friend at school this year. They played beautifully and I was able to get my cloest cleaned out. I took them to lunch and it was from there that things went a bit awry. On the way home, having a strained esophagus, little friend threw up all over my backseat. We got home, got her and the car cleaned up, and the girls went back to playing.

Weird day!” I thought.

We then went to the gym to run a bit later. I took 5 steps into my run and felt my calves seizing up on me. I tried running slower, I tried running faster, I tried walking… the pain would not stop. So I hobbled my way through my hardest run yet and made it three miles. I was disappointed but decided it was better to be careful than injured. So I went and stretched for a long time and did some ab work.

The night ended with a quickish dip with my Love in the therapy heated pool to hopefully loosen those muscles and a quick dinner at Chickfila.

We made it home and my legs and back continued to scream at me so I took some Tylenol and after making sure little love was tucked in and passed out, I hit the bed myself.

Not the day I was expecting or really even wanting, but it was the day I was given and while it wasn’t perfect it was full of love and lovely moments.

And that’s all I really need…

Blonde girl coloring with 101 Dalmations movie playing in the background.

Day #22

Today, nothing has gone quite as I had expected.

Not enough time to get ready this morning. Accidentally putting a hole in a closet door. Not being able to print tickets. Adalie getting in a fight with the lipstick and the lipstick winning. The canon blast in the Nutcracker production that about made me come out of my chair. Getting home late. Rainstorms rolling in. Adalie passing out at 7:45pm. It was a day and a series of unexpected twists and turns–and no walk in sight.

About 9pm my Love says,”I’ll stand and watch you if you want to walk down the hill to the stop sign and back. It feels amazing outside!”

The rain had stopped for a moment so I grabbed a jacket and took off. It was not amazing… it was SUPER windy and cold! Another unexpected turn of events!
But as I walked up the hill and saw him waiting for me, the warm glow of the Christmas tree in the window, the assurance of a softly snoring girl dreaming her night away, I realized this… life will throw me curve balls and lemons but I am one lucky girl who has both Husband and daughter who adore me.

And that, my friends, is all I really need.Man sittin on a tailgate with a christmas-light-emblazoned home in the background.